5 июл. 2006 г.

Delete All Spam: Google Gmail gaining more regular features


If you are a heavy user of Google Gmail webmail service like we at TechWhack are, you would know the pain of deleting loads of spam mails manually. Google had no option to delete all spam mail in one go like other webmail services.

The search engine giant has now made amends. Online reports are claiming that users are now beginning to see this minor feature addition, which makes cleaning all the spam messages as easy as clicking on a link.

The feature is accessible through a link named: “Delete all spam messages now” and all the Gmail users should get to see this in their Gmail accounts in the next couple of days.

There is another tiny feature addition, which makes cleaning up the trashcan. It works similarly to the above mentioned feature and makes it easier for the users to empty their trashcan. Too bad that you would have to click on the Spam/Trash links to empty them. We prefer the Yahoo! method where the link is available from the left column of the interface.