16 июл. 2006 г.

First Official SEO World Cup Competition Opens in August


SEO World Cup is a global competition to find the best individual or company able to attain a predetermined keyword phrase across multiple search engines by a predetermined date. The competition is open to all who register with SEO World Cup to be officially recognized for the achievement.

The official start date for the competition is August 1, 2006 at 12:00pm CST/North America. That's when the officials from SEO World Cup will reveal the much anticipated keyword phrase.

“There have been several attempts to conduct an SEO competition of this magnitude in the past, but without any notable success. We are looking for vast participation in this event to create some excitement around the whole SEO industry,” says the founder of SEO World Cup.

According to SEO World Cup Officials, SEO World Cup is in formal talks with sponsors to secure more prizes for the competition winners. Sponsors are lining up to be part of the global search for SEO Expert 2006. New sponsors and their contributions continue to pour in, which is helping to make the event world class says.

"The biggest challenge of running a competition of this size is getting the word out to everyone. That’s where we are relying on volunteers to help promote the event by linking to www.seoworldcup.com,” officials said. The organizers say they will be using a barrage of advertising but expect the biggest impact will come through word of mouth.