23 июн. 2006 г.

Google Looking Into AdWords For The Radio

Jim Hedger, Expert Author:

Google has invented, innovated on, acquired or purchased a number of technologies over the past two years to bolster its online advertising business.

AdWords is arguably the most successful advertising program ever and Google is obviously not content to focus solely on Internet advertising.

Recently took a stab at auctioning off print advertising spaces through its AdWords program. Though the print advertising avenue hasn't shown itself to be a huge success, an even more unlikely AdWords advertising venue is being pursued by Google, targeted ads over a car radio.

According to a short piece posted to the ZDNet Micro Markets Blog , Google CEO Eric Schmidt is very interested in radio advertising and especially interested at targeting advertising to specific recipients. While speaking at a luncheon for New York publishing executives, Schmidt is reported to have "...shared his vision for GPS location-based delivery of highly targeted and personalized advertising via in-car radios..."

This, for Google, is technically feasible. Back in January of this year, Google purchased dMark Broadcasting. dMark built an automated platform allowing advertisers to easily create and individually target radio ads. When it bought the company, Google indicated it would merge dMark into its AdWords unit.

Schmidt predicted that within two years, car radios with GPS tracking chips could be used to deliver user-specific advertising.

"Dave. You want a burger. Turn left Dave. You should have turned left. You really wanted that burger Dave."