22 июн. 2006 г.

RAGE Google Sitemap Automator Offers New Parsing Engine

RAGE Software has released version 1.2 of RAGE Google Sitemap Automator, which enables Webmasters to automate the process of creating Google Sitemaps, allowing search engines to more easily find and index a Web site's contents. This update offers a new parsing engine for finding and scanning each Web site's link, and it features better control over which files are scanned for links. The full software is US$29.95.

What are Google Sitemaps? Google Sitemaps are a way of telling search engines, namely Google, about your website. They provide unique information for each page on your website directing search engines on where to go, how often to go there, and when to come back and crawl your website.

With Google Sitemap Automator you can automate the process of creating Google Sitemaps by utilizing powerful filters and preset conditions so you don't have to go through thousands of pages yourself. Just enter your website address and Google Sitemap Automator will take care of the rest, generating Google compliant Sitemaps allowing you to take control of how search engines treat your webpages.

Help search engines with their job so they can attract more visitors to your website :)

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